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Here you will find many sites about different agricultural products in the islands, price comparisons, and distributors without having to leave our website.

Photo of coffee.

The Coffee link will lead you to a list of different coffee growers, Coffee Times magazine, and other helpful resources from bean to cup.

Photo of fruit.

The Fruit link takes you to fruit sources, so you can taste the exotic and delicious ambrosia of the Hawaiian Islands.

Photo of flowers.

Under the Flowers link, you can find information on the purchase and distribution of several different flower types. Click Anthuriums or Orchids for information on those specific flower types.

Click our Processors link to find out more about vanilla production and other available products.

Jelly and Jam will lead you to a site where you can purchase tropical varieties from Maui.

Photo of woodwork.

The Woodwork link will take you to sites selling ukuleles and furniture made from local woods.

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Economic Analysis

With our state-of-the-art software, you can determine the annual costs and income for your farm with the touch of a button! Simple and easy to use, just fill in the blanks and our program will automatically calculate your financial data for you. Also available are research papers on some of the topics, so you can become well-informed about the production of certain agricultural products throughout the Hawaiian Islands.